Saturday, 13 June 2009

Open Day today!

It's the Open Day today and I've been up early baking a chocolate cake to take along. The choice last year was fantastic and I had a slice of spiced apple cake and a piece of fruit cake.

My three year old daughter is so excited about the bouncy castle - it was her favourite thing last year (along with making a crown and hook a duck).

I've got my eye on some sunflowers and maybe another tomato plant or two. And lunch is sorted - sausage in a bun and a second slice of cake! Yum.

See you there!

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  1. Have only just got around to viewing this new and exciting website-tsk tsk!(courtesy of Jeanette's skills and enthusiasm)and feel that this virtual extension of our large garden will, with nurturing and support, become a great source of news, information and camaraderie for us-its members, and for our gardening friends beyond Dorset Road's geographic boundaries. Hope to see you here sometime x