Monday, 27 July 2009

July update

Hi all

Firstly, and a bit belatedly, I just wanted to say how fantastic the Open Day in June was. It was really well attended, the weather was great and there were lots of things to do. I particularly liked watching the bodger, my daughter loves her treasure from the treasure hunt and the sunflowers I bought are in now flower. The Committee sends a big thank you to everybody who volunteered to help on the day, came along and generally helped make the day such a success. And well done to Wendy for organising it this year.

I also wanted to say a bit about weeds! It's always a battle to keep the weeds at bay, but at this time of year it becomes a real challenge. I'm feeling this particularly keenly as I've just returned from a fantastic few weeks touring Iceland... only to find that my plot has been taken over by the dreaded bindweed. It must have been the warm weather and all that rain. But after a few hours of weeding I've started to make in-roads into a few of my raised beds but it's going to take another weekend or two before I have the plot looking respectable. At least the grass paths were easier to get back in order (only an hour mowing with my push mower!).

This takes me onto a more serious point. At our last AGM the Committee agreed to look again at the process for contacting plotholders if they (appear to be) neglecting their plots. The Committee have set out a new, hopefully transparent process and drafted new standard letters. These will be available for all to look at in the clubhouse at the end of this week. We'd really like to hear what you think - so please let us have your comments.

That's all for now.