Sunday, 10 May 2009

New Committee

We had our first Committee meeting following the Annual General Meeting in April. There were a few new faces around the table - Tracey, Jeannette and George. After hearing from the Secretary and Treasurer giving their updates there was a discussion about the Open Day (please speak to Wendy if you can help out) and site maitenance. We also agreed to try and set up a 'local committee member' scheme whereby all plotholders will have a Committee member assigned to them based on their location around the site. Hopefully in the next week or so your Committee member will make themselves known to you - if they are not already!

After the meeting most of the Committee went for a tour of the site. It was really great to walk round and meet so many plotholders as well as see the different ways people manage their plots. Most people are doing a fantastic job and growing a range of produce. A few people seem to be struggling - especially at this time of year when every thing grows so quickly including the weeds!

I'm sure you all know, but there is a range of products in the Shop to help you - from weed suppressing fabric through to the strimmers available for hire.

That's all for now.

Hello all

A new feature for the Dorset Road Allotment's website - our own blog!

Here we'll update you with the latest from the Committee, what's going on generally around the site and any messages we've been asked to pass on.